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Florida School Dictrict Rankings

Florida ranks school districts using FCAT scores By Ron Matus, Times Staff Writer The Florida Department of Education released a ranking of all 67 school districts Monday, using FCAT scores alone. Critics immediately slammed it as simplistic and misleading because it does not consider a district’s size, demographics or progress, or use other indicators such as graduation rates. The state superintendents association called it a “disservice.” But Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson offered a polite defense, saying the information is still useful to parents, teachers and taxpayers, and will spark more dialogue about how to improve schools. Ranking Florida’s school districts.  DATA PROVIDED BY GOV. SCOTT District FCAT points earned FCAT 2011 rank Totalstudents % Free or reduced lunch Free or reduced lunch rank Percent minority Minority rank                 Alachua 532 25 27,495 48.9% 13 52.2% 48 Baker 499 51 5,004 47.4% 11 17.5%… Read more

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How to Find Senior Airfare Discounts

“Do airlines still provide discounts to seniors on their airfares? My husband and I are retired and like to travel and are wondering which airlines offer the best discounts to budget conscious seniors.” While senior airfare discounts are not nearly as common as they used to be, there are a handful of carriers that still offer them. Here’s a rundown of the different airlines that are currently offering senior airfares, along with some tips to help you find the best deals.         Senior-Friendly Skies The only U.S. airlines that are currently offering senior airfare discounts are: •Southwest has discounts on all domestic routes to passengers 65 and older. For details on fares call 800-435-9792 or you can search online at •American offers some senior fares to travelers 65 and older on their American, American Eagle and American Connection domestic flights. Call 800-433-7300 to find out which… Read more

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