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Imagine yourself overlooking the blue-green Gulf far from the hustle and bustle of the workday. As you revel in the relaxing sounds of breaking surf, one by one the sounds of the Beach become clear. The chatter of gulls, the voices of children at play, and the splash of a Pelican looking for dinner becomes more distinct. Kay & Jim Vider believe whole-heartedly in the art of listening. We found that when you stop talking long enough to hear what people are saying you can learn much more in the process. Its a simple process that has served these Gulf Coast residents well.

“...neat" to live and work where thousands yearn to spend just one or two weeks vacationing on our pure white sand beaches.”

Big Dreams, Long Term Relationships

For Kay & Jim, the corporate world was a goal after graduating from Marquette University. It became apparent that to excel in this corporate environment building trust was key. It's always easier to work as a team when you can depend on actions of others. After spending more than twenty years in senior management positions and raising two children, we chose our next goal as living on the Gulf Coast. We thought it would be "neat" to live and work where thousands yearn to spend just one or two weeks vacationing on our pure white sand beaches. Now as a team, we are helping others fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.


Synergistic Approach

Housing needs of clients are always specialized, that is why Kay and Jim take the "Executive Team" approach. Each has specialized talents so the phases of a transaction can be worked in tandem. The goal is achieve a stress-free transaction through preparation and foresight. Isn't the thought of moving just stressful enough?

Lending a Hand

Relocating means leaving familiar surroundings and the network of friends and acquaintances. During this initial phase, the reliance on your REALTORŪ is especially important to you. Kay and Jim have one important philosophy. As a customer your needs, concerns, and problems are important and we aim to return you to your comfort zone.

If you have a real estate need or simply want an answer to any real estate question, Kay and Jim are a resource you can count on - contact Kay and Jim today. They are always ready to listen to you.

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